Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Flashback Finish - Mint Diamonds Baby Quilt

This winter I made a quick baby quilt for my co-worker Danielle.  It was inspired by Pinterest and I selected a colorway to match the baby room-- mint and grey.  She had a baby girl, Clara, but didn't know the gender in advance.

I started cutting and piecing the quilt while at Lutherdale in January.  It went together easily and with the dedicated focus time of retreat, I had the top together in one day!!  Quilting was simple continuous curves.  Happily, this was finished and gifted before Clara was born! =)

Soooooo cute!!


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Monday, July 3, 2017

Finish-A-Long Q3 2017 - My Goals

Summer is my favorite season of the year and announcing that the 3rd quarter of 2017 sounds crazy to me!  How did half of the year go by already?  As long as summer holds on for many, many, many more months, I'm ok.

Setting quilting goals for this time of year is tricky.  I don't spend as much time indoors, because there is so much to do outside.  I do have things that need quilting and by adding them to this list, perhaps it will help motivate me a bit more to find some time to quilt and bind?

To start, I might as well list out what didn't get done on the Q2 list:

1- Pink Purple XO Quilt
I was sooooooo close to finishing this in the last quarter.  Just a few more hours of hand stitching the binding and I would have made it.  Oh well.  This will be a slam dunk for Q3.

2- Charity Chop Quilt -- This quilt didn't make any progress last quarter.  It would be fantastic to quilt this up and add it to the finished column.


3- Wonky Stars for Lutherdale: This top is not going to make it to this year's auction (bummer), but it did make it further along.  Just like the charity quilt above, it would be great to finish this up and move it to the 'done' column.

4- Elephant Parade-- This poor top is languishing in my closet, just waiting to be quilted.

4- Whirly Star Bonus Quilt-- Speaking of languishing in my closet.  While tidying up, I found this top.  I put it together in January 2016 from leftover bits from one of Heather's quilts.   It won't take much to finish this up and then it can go to our guild's charity project.

5- Legendary -- And now it is time to be ambitous.  This top isn't done, but it isn't too far from it.  I might use some flannel for the backing and then it will be my new 'couch quilt'.

6- Hekla-- More ambition!  This wallhanging needs another border and then it will be ready for quilting.

Can I finish all 6?? Probably not.  But I can accomplish some of this!  And it doesn't hurt to try!  Just like last quarter, I'll ask for you to wish me luck!

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Finish-A-Long Q2 2017 Wrap Up

The last few months have flown by so quickly.  In April, I decided to join the Finish-A-Long challenge.  It is to help you stay motivated and keep your projects going to full completion.  Like I tend to do with my Saturday chore lists, I made a pretty ambitious list for Q2.  Even though many things from the list didn't get done, I'm pretty happy with what I did complete!

Here is my original list: Q2 Goals.

Out of the 7 items I listed, I finished 3 and was soooooooo close to finishing another one.  I'll roll these UFO's into next quarter's list (and probably add a few more to the list!)

Finish #1 and 2:  Twin baby girl quilts.  They truly are 2 separate quilts.  I did a scrappy pink binding on one and a scrappy grey binding on the other, in case the parents need to distinguish them apart.

Finish #3 - The Lion Quilt

I was soooooo close to finishing the binding on the XO Pink/Purple one.  That should be a slam dunk for Q3. I had a lot of fun participating and will definitely give this a go for the next quarter.

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Finish! The Lion Quilt

Hooray!  I have a very special finish to report-- The Lion Quilt!  I started this last fall (October) and finished the top in early January.  Out of all the quilts I have made, I'm most proud of this one.  It was complicated, yet incredibly addictive.  Every section that I would complete would make me want to start another, just to see it evolve.  The pattern is Violet Craft's Jungle Abstraction: The Lion.  I've applied to show this at Quilt Expo in September-- fingers crossed that it makes the cut!

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Legendary Progress and other goings on...

Summer is in full swing and I have a million things happening-- two tennis leagues, a huge (for me) garden, crazy work,etc.  BUT--I've still been finding time to sew.

My guild had a sew day last Wednesday and I took a day off from work and had a delightful time getting to know my fellow members a bit better.  It was a gorgeous day and I 'moved the needle' on a few projects.  In January, I started 'Legendary' by Elizabeth Hartman.  It's been languishing ever since, because I had other projects that took precedence.  Right now, I have all the rows together and only need to sash and border for a finished top.

My Hekla wallhanging was also languishing.  I thought that I was ready to start the triangle borders-- until it was pointed out that I have a boo-boo.  Argh!! I couldn't live with the mistake.  Can you find it?

 So, on the sew day, I did some ripping and re-sewing and all is right with the world.

I thought it would be fun to sew up some burp cloths and bibs for friends.  Here are a few of them (I don't think I have pictures of them all).

Here are some pictures from my garden.  It is producing tons of lettuce right now and some yummy radishes.

And me after a hard day of tilling!

Lastly-- we had a fun rainbow after a short shower yesterday.  I love summer!!


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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Stash + Slow Stitching

While at Blue Bar Quilts last week, I did a little stash enhancement. No particular purpose, just some pretty fat quarters that wanted to come home with me...

I'm on a mission to finish up my Lion Quilt. I got it back from my quilter about a week ago and I want to enter it in Quilt Expo this fall.  The submission deadline is June 30th, so I have to go, go, go with the binding and I'm taking advantage of any downtime and trying to fit some slow stitching in.  Hopefully I will have a finish to   


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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Finish! Twin Baby Girl (2 of 2) aka Deja Vu!

I'm happy to report that twin baby girl quilt #2 is complete-- even with the label! And-- before the babies are born!  Win-win-win!

This quilt is the same as the earlier one, except I'm using a pink scrappy binding.  One of the fabrics in these quilts was from a fat quarter challenge with the Mad City Quilt Guild and we have the opportunity to display our challenge projects at Madison's newest quilt store, Blue Bar Quilts. So the grey bound version is living there for a few weeks until the new babies need it.

In other news, I got a new to me fancy camera!  I am not always pleased with my quilt pictures I get from my phone and point and shoot camera.  I had the opportunity to buy a used Canon Rebel body and then found a used kit lens at our local camera shop.  I barely know how to use it, but still did a bit of fooling around.  Here is Finn posing for me (actually, wondering what in the world I am doing and why am I not preparing his dinner!!!!) and it looks great on my computer monitor.  I want to see the difference when I print photos, because that is where I think my phone is really lacking.


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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Finish! Twin Baby Girl Quilt (1 of 2)

I have a finished quilt to share!  This is one of two baby quilts that I'm making for a coworker, whose wife is pregnant with twins! Bot quilts are identical-- except for the bindings.  I did one in scrappy grey and one in scrappy pink.  That way, if there is a need to distinguish them, it can be done.  Here is the grey bound one.  The pink one is almost there (not quite!).

These are both goals I listed as part of the the Finish-A-Long for quarter 2 of 2017.  My original post is here.

Hopefully I will have the twin to this one finished and ready to share next week.  Right now, I have binding galore to work on.  In addition to these baby quilts, I have the pink/purple XO quilt and...

MY LION QUILT IS BACK!  I got it back from the quilter yesterday and it turned out FaBuLoUs!!!  Here is a teeny-tiny sneak peek:


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lutherdale 2017 Gala Quilt

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending time at Lutherdale with the goal of assembling quilt blocks into a top to be auctioned off in August.  The weather was perfect, the food was great and the company was lovely!

I asked the new camp director if we could be given a tour of the gardens, chickens and beehives.  The beehives are scattered around the grounds, but we did get to meet the chickens that provide us with the eggs used in our meals.  They have one handsome rooster, too.


In March, I spoke to the folks that attended the Gala Luncheon and explained this year's block.  Then we gave them kits of pre-cut houses and sky.  It's always a challenge to find a pattern that is forgiving for a group to sew and will still be stunning to motivate people to bid high!

On Friday, we were certain we would have this top assembled before going to bed.  Well-- we did assemble most of it pretty quickly, but then things slowed down.  We had all the rows together before bed and held off to put the borders on in the morning.  It was a good thing, too!  Looking at it with fresh eyes, we decided the proportions were a bit off and we needed to add another row to make it longer.  Some of our houses were...ahem... a little short.  We grouped the short houses together into the same rows, so they could get along.  But-- with multiple shorter rows, the length was sacrificed a bit.  No worries!  We zipped out another 14 houses like nobody's business.

Here is our quilt, pre-borders (the borders are simple yellow that matches the background):

And here are some of the people that worked on assembling the top:

L-R: Jim, Janine, Me, Kitty, Yvonne, Heather

I had a inkling that would would be able to finish that top up pretty quickly, so I brought a few other projects with me.  This is the project I started with the other January Quilters.  I want to assemble this into a random, non-traditional layout.  Janine did this arrangement and I started to sash some of the smaller stars together this weekend, but that's all the further it went.  Hopefully I can finish this up in time for the auction?!?

Insted of getting the stars assembled, we focused on getting this string block top together! I started these blocks several years ago. I had a lot of blue and green scraps and thought this would be a good scrap buster.  I don't know about that?!?  Every time I would work on it, the volume of scraps seemed to increase!  For quite some time now, I had the scraps I wanted to use for this in a small bin.  But it was overflowing, so I had to keep it on the closet floor and was starting to be a bother to me.  Now I'm thrilled to report that it is a top!  Of course there are still some scraps left over-- oh well.  Time to find another scrap project to mix them into.  I had about 2/3rds of the blocks done prior to this weekend and several people helped cut, press, and sew. Janet and I sewed the blocks and rows together. I might add a skinny white border and maybe some blue?  Not sure yet...


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Friday, May 12, 2017

Flashback Friday Finish - My own bed quilt!!

Last December, I finished one of my oldest UFO's-- a quilt for me to use on my bed. True to form, I didn't do a final 'finish' post with pictures of the quilt at 100% complete.  I'm trying to improve and document all of my quilts when they are done.  I did write a nice summary of the journey of this quilt
here.  In that post, I said how I couldn't wait to snuggle under it and I am certainly happy to have this on my bed.

On Saturday, the Mad City Quilt Guild had a small workshop on photographing quilts.  A professional photographer talked to us about considerations in choosing how to display a quilt for a photo and the biggest take home message was to think about the light source.  Outdoor light is best and indirect, less harsh sunlight is good.  Having the light source angled from the direct plane of the quilt will show texture by creating shadows.

We all enjoyed our time and experiments with photographing in different manners and we are hoping to set up a recurring time, once or twice a year when we can use the guild's quilt stands and lights to take nice photos of our quilts.  A member of the community was clearing out a family member's estate and donated a stand and two floor lights to us, plus the guild had invested in a very large stand several years ago.  The location that the guild meets at has a spacious community room with a nice covered porch that is that ideal setting-- indirect sunlight and protection from the wind.


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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Gudrun Erla Workshop

Last week I was fortunate to attend a trunk show and workshop by Gudrun Erla.  She is from Iceland, lives in Minnesota and drove to Lodi for our event.  It was a great time and after her trunk show, I wanted to make almost all of her patterns.  I purchased one book, one pattern, and her Creative Grids Stripology ruler.  And she gave everyone a pattern for attending!

For the workshop, I selected 'Hekla', a Scandinavian star wallhanging. Hekla is the name of a volcano in Iceland. The pattern is just a little tricky, but still fun.  The center is almost complete and I have one triangle border left to do.  I can't wait to get this together and see how it will look.


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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Stash - Introducing Blue Bar Quilts!

Not much sewing happened this week and often times when that is the case, I compensate with shopping!  =O

I had 2 great reasons to shop this week:
     1- Our new local quilt shop opened!!! Blue Bar Quilts
     2- I'm taking a workshop next week and need fabric for the project!

Blue Bar Quilts is a fantastic new shop located in Middleton, owned by fellow Mad Mod Member, Gael Boyd.  She's been working on the logistics of the shop for what seems like ages and the opening was worth the wait!  The shop is lovely! Spacious, well lit, full of gorgeous fabrics, huge classroom, I visited there on Thursday night, but did not snap any photos.  There are tons of them on Facebook and Trish Frankland did a great FB live video.  Pay close attention to the customers at the cutting table and you will see me! =)

Here are the goodies that came home with me:

The top 2 fabrics are for the Gudran Erla workshop I'm going to on Tuesday.  It's sponsored by the Lodi Valley Quilt Guild and on Monday night, Gudrun is giving a trunk show.  I can't wait!!  We have the choice of 2 projects to work on and I'm picking Hekla, a traditional Scandinavian star design.  I love the smoky charcoal as a background, but I was struggling to find a good contrast for the stars.  My thoughts were to color this traditional and maybe use red and white or red and black, but I guess I'm being a bit bold by selecting pumpkin for the stars!


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