Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Star Block of the Month

Fashionably late, I'm joining a block of the month hosted by Judy at Patchwork Times.

The instructions for first block were posted on August 1st and a new block will be added every two weeks. One reason I got a late start, was picking my colors/fabrics. It was tough and I'm still not 100% set. The instructions call for 8 fabrics. Most everybody has posted nice layouts of their fabrics, with everything neatly folded and numbered. My approach is a little different:

More of a jumble! I knew that I wanted the multi-colored oval fabric to be featured and was drawing coordinating colored fabrics to go with it. Because I had a hard time picking 'just one' orange I'm going to do this semi-scrappy. I'll be using different medium oranges, blacks and golds throughout the blocks.

When all the blocks are done, I'll decide which colors are asking to be the featured color and will be used in the ribbon border and sashing.

Everything I picked is from my stash and I'm pushing myself with this, because I'm going to be using some fabrics that I've considered too nice to cut!
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