Monday, October 8, 2018

Finish-A-Long Q3 2018 Wrap Up

Like a blink of an eye, another quarter has flown by!  Time never seems to slow!  It was a fabric-filled, quilty-goodness, stitches-a-plenty few months. LIfe has been so busy that I haven't been able to chronicle as much as I would like.  But let me wrap up my finishes and incompletes.

Here is my list of goals.  It was an ambitious list!  I predicted a great few months and it was not bad.  But I still have room for improvement and I love that this link-up keeps me honest.  It was helpful that I had deadlines, like the Lutherdale Auction and babies being born!

I finished these 5 quilts
Several of what I didn't finish, I've made progress and hope to have complete by the end of the year.  Wouldn't it be GREAT if I could finish each and every one of these??!!??
  • 4- Bonus Charity Baby Quilt
  • 7- On Ringo Lake
  • 8- Midnight Star
  • 9- Legendary
  • 10- Charity Rail Fence
  • 11- Bonus Baby Quilt
  • 12- Featherweight Tote Bag - Purple 
  • 13- Featherweight Tote Bag - Orange
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I'm looking forward to setting my year end goals.