Sunday, December 18, 2016

My oldest UFO --> Quilted!

Very early this year, I declared that it was the year of the UFO.  Lately I was thinking how I haven't been as productive with finishing up projects this year and found time to quilt my oldest UFO.  It's "My Bed Quilt".

As it turns out, I haven't been as bad as I thought! Of the 5 tops I listed that needed quilting (Maize Maze, Cartwheels, Elephant Parade, Civil War Throw and My Bed Quilt), two were already complete and now my bed quilt is quilted!  I've exceeded 50%!  Hooray!

I named my bed quilt 'Swallow's Flight', because the shape of the burgundy pieces reminded me of a swallow diving.
According to the dates on the in progress photos, I started this in 2007! I saw the pattern at a wonderful shop in Fitchburg that has since closed-- "Going Quilting".  That shop was fantastic and I'm still missing it today (even though it's been ages since closing -2008?).

I had been quilting for about 8 years when I bought the fabrics and had done one other queen sized quilt before this.  Otherwise all my quilts were crib and throw sized.

My records are a little fuzzy (this top pre-dates my blog (2008)!), but I sewed the blocks together pretty quickly and might have even sewn the rows together right away.  But those borders-- yuck!  I don't enjoy long seams and really don't enjoy calculating borders.  It took until 2012 for me to sew the borders on! =O  Then I let it age more!  Quilting-- How to quilt it??!!??  After all that time, I used a pantograph.  It needed to be quilted and I wasn't going to deliberate any longer.

Maybe I should name this "Like a fine wine or cheese" due to all the aging?  My bedroom has literally gone through multiple redesigns in the time I've been working on this.  Of course these fabrics were selected to match the bedroom from 2007!  Oh well-- I love burgundy very much and I will be THRILLED to put this on my bed.  Especially with the wool batting I used!  I can't wait to snuggle under it!  After I get the binding done, I'll do a proper photo shoot and share the official results.