Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Flashback Finish - Mint Diamonds Baby Quilt

This winter I made a quick baby quilt for my co-worker Danielle.  It was inspired by Pinterest and I selected a colorway to match the baby room-- mint and grey.  She had a baby girl, Clara, but didn't know the gender in advance.

I started cutting and piecing the quilt while at Lutherdale in January.  It went together easily and with the dedicated focus time of retreat, I had the top together in one day!!  Quilting was simple continuous curves.  Happily, this was finished and gifted before Clara was born! =)

Soooooo cute!!


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Monday, July 3, 2017

Finish-A-Long Q3 2017 - My Goals

Summer is my favorite season of the year and announcing that the 3rd quarter of 2017 sounds crazy to me!  How did half of the year go by already?  As long as summer holds on for many, many, many more months, I'm ok.

Setting quilting goals for this time of year is tricky.  I don't spend as much time indoors, because there is so much to do outside.  I do have things that need quilting and by adding them to this list, perhaps it will help motivate me a bit more to find some time to quilt and bind?

To start, I might as well list out what didn't get done on the Q2 list:

1- Pink Purple XO Quilt
I was sooooooo close to finishing this in the last quarter.  Just a few more hours of hand stitching the binding and I would have made it.  Oh well.  This will be a slam dunk for Q3.

2- Charity Chop Quilt -- This quilt didn't make any progress last quarter.  It would be fantastic to quilt this up and add it to the finished column.


3- Wonky Stars for Lutherdale: This top is not going to make it to this year's auction (bummer), but it did make it further along.  Just like the charity quilt above, it would be great to finish this up and move it to the 'done' column.

4- Elephant Parade-- This poor top is languishing in my closet, just waiting to be quilted.

4- Whirly Star Bonus Quilt-- Speaking of languishing in my closet.  While tidying up, I found this top.  I put it together in January 2016 from leftover bits from one of Heather's quilts.   It won't take much to finish this up and then it can go to our guild's charity project.

5- Legendary -- And now it is time to be ambitous.  This top isn't done, but it isn't too far from it.  I might use some flannel for the backing and then it will be my new 'couch quilt'.

6- Hekla-- More ambition!  This wallhanging needs another border and then it will be ready for quilting.

Can I finish all 6?? Probably not.  But I can accomplish some of this!  And it doesn't hurt to try!  Just like last quarter, I'll ask for you to wish me luck!

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