Sunday, May 26, 2019

Finish! Hashtag Quilt

Sharing finishes is my favorite thing to do! And this finish is no different. This is a quilt I made as a wedding present for my cousin, Riley. He's getting married late this summer. I wanted a pattern that had a bit of a masculine feel, but didn't read "manly!". A friend had made this quilt and I thought it would work out well. The pattern is 'Hashtag' by Whimsicals. I started it at my 'Super Most Awesome Retreat' in March and worked on it diligently the entire time. There are 2 blocks and you make about 10 million strip sets. I used the Stripology ruler and that was a lifesaver!  It really made the cutting and subcutting a breeze.

Here is a closeup of the quilting:

The lighter blue/splotchy fabric was our guild's challenge fabric.  I finished the quilt by the deadline, but wasn't able to make the meeting to enter it in the drawing for prizes.  =(  Total bummer!
The background fabric I bought for this project, but the rest is fabric from my stash--woot!

I quilted it on my mom's new-to-us longarm and used a loopy style pantograph.  The backing is minkee and I lurrrrve how it feels.  I hope that Riley and his bride love it, too!


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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Spring 2019 catch up

So much has been going on sewing-wise, but I haven't found the time to blog about it.  Life seems to be a bit of a blur right about now.  And then, the further behind I've gotten in updates, the more daunting the task has become to catch up.  I'll try to dive right in and journal about some of what I've been doing for the past few months....

I've been chipping away at some of my eternal projects.  These are things that don't necessarily have a fully flushed out plan, but are a way to use up scraps and keep me entertained with something different in between bigger projects.

Diamond Log Cabin

I've finished up all the center blocks and decided to make the next ring more orange than yellow.  I have about 6 of them in progress.  I think each block has 18? pieces.  They are tedious for sure!

Wild and Goosey

Also tedious!  I swear I have more than this completed, but I don't seem to have a picture.

Scrappy Log Cabins

These are fun!  I'm taking bigger strips and sewing wonky style.  The scrap pile really doesn't seem to shrink, despite my best efforts.  I think I'll keep making these until I have at least a twin sized quilt.  Each block will finish 12"

Corduroy Totes

I was given 5 yards of red corduroy and 5 yards of black--that's a LOT of corduroy!! Several years ago made a version of a little J. Crew tote bag I had for years and thought that would be a good use for this fabric. With one width of fabric cut, I can make 3 bags. There is enough fabric to make 30 bags!!! That is a lofty goal and I will likely get bored with making these before too long. Lutherdale is having a 'Tiny Treasures' tent at their auction and all items are $25 or less. I thought this might be a good thing to sell there? They did turn out super cute, if I do say so myself! =)

Zippy Pouches

The last thing I'll share today are a few zippy pouches I whipped together a few weeks ago.  The last one is from a hunk of leftover corduroy.

I'll share more about my quilty progress in separate posts.  I have lots of good stuff, including finishes!!


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