Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Stash - Fat Quarter Bundle Edition

My stash is growing in bundles!  Historically, I haven't been one to purchase fat quarter bundles, but I seem to be buying more and more of them.

This first one is actually a prize I won from Stitcher's Crossing in a raffle.  It was to celebrate National Quilting Day.  I was one of three lucky winners. =)

These two bundles are from Modern Quilt Studio and were offered on MassDrop.  I couldn't pass them up, nor could I decide between the warm and cool bundles.  I bought both!

Lastly is another Massdrop purchase (that site is dangerous!).  Not the best photo, but I bought a luscious pack of threads from Presencia.  They named this color combo 'Majorca' for the island in Spain.  I canNOT wait to use these!


  1. I love Massdrop too! Such bargains and such lovely purchases!