Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Stash

This morning as I read the latest Molli Sparkles post, I thought, "hmmm, too bad I didn't buy anything this week to have a Sunday Stash post."  Then I walked through my living room and saw the bag from Wisconsin Quilt Museum from the day before.  How could I have forgotten the splurges that I purchased 18 hours before??

While attending the lecture/trunk show/panel discussion called "A Menu of Modern" (Lee Heinrich/Freshly Pieced, Faith Jones/Fresh Lemons Quilts, Jeni Baker/In Color Order, Jacqui Gering/Tallgrass Prairie Studio),  I picked up several goodies from the gift shop.

-1 yard each of ombres in blue and green.  Molli Sparkles made that amazing A Lot of Look quilt with ombres, maybe I can create something along those lines?
 - a mini 2 inch acrylic ruler (good for knitting)
-a Lantern Moon retractable measuring tape with a knit cover made to look like a leaf (also for the knitting bag)
-package of Thimble it sticky finger protectors to use instead of thimbles
-pretty, pearly head Splendid Spears pins

Then from each of the speakers I have a little something:
Lee and Faith: I got a signed copy of their book Vintage Quilt Revival!
Jacquie: Only a craftsy coupon-- BUT, she's coming to Madison in March and I'll get her book then. =)
Jeni: A George Pillow pattern!!!

I'll chronicle the rest of my day at the quilt museum in another post.



  1. Great score! 18 hours is a long time to go without a fabric/quilty purchase! I understand. Thanks for linking up at Molli Sparkles so I could find you.

  2. What are these sticky thimble thingies? I never wear a thimble because they never stay on right and feel bulky and the leather ones i have don't fit. :( I must get these if they are any good. Let me know :)

    1. Oooo, Trina! You need to try these thimbly things. They stick to the part of your finger that is pushing on the needle. I've had a package for years and I've been rationing the last few. I'll share some with you, so you can see if you like them. =)

  3. We were at the same event yesterday. I had such a good day as well! Fun items that you bought yesterday.

    1. I think you were sitting 2 rows in front of me! It's a small world!