Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Quilty Tuesday

I had a lovely Tuesday this week!

Why? I took a day off of work to see Jeni Baker speak at the afternoon meeting of the Mad City Quilt Guild.  Her talk was titled "Journey of a Modern Quilter" and it was a lot of fun for everyone.  I overheard great comments from members on how nice it was to see new trends, different color styles and all of the energy and enthusiasm that Jeni brought to the meeting.

I completed my Nordika Mega Pinnie in time for show and tell!  Hooray!  Isn't it cute? =)

The Mad Mod meeting is this Thursday and we are making Icky Thump blocks for the block lotto.  I finished my block only to realize that I sewed the quadrants together wrong.  I took my lumps and ripped it out.  Here is the 'after' version:

Lastly, I emptied a spool!  I love it when I get to this point.  A lot of sewing happened to get to this point.  This means I get to start Retreat with a fresh spool...IN SEVEN DAYS! Retreat is only 7 days away!  The countdown has begun!



  1. Sounds like a perfect reason to take the day off from work. Your retreat will be so much fun!

  2. Hi from the Small Blog Meet. I just dropped in from Lily's Qults, and I'm glad I did. It's exciting to see another quilter with so many projects on the go!