Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Tortoise and the Hare

I've been like the Tortoise with my sewing lately, slow and steady. Just a little bit each day. Today, I'm going to be the Hare with blog posts. I've got so much stuff that I've wanted to post and today I'm going to go posting crazy! Weeeeeeeee. Here it goes.

Where to begin, where to begin?

On Saturday, I spent the day at my friend Kathy's house. She is borrowing her mother-in-law's sewing machine and I was there to help her learn how to use it, help her finish her messenger bag and work on some of my projects (especially big things that need space to lay out-- she has a LOT more space than I do.) She made lots of progress on her bag and just needs to put the strap on. Plus, she has a pretty good handle on how the machine works.

I was focused on trimming up some Heartstring blocks and putting them together into a top. The center is done and now it needs some borders.

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