Friday, January 30, 2009

Update - Part 2

While at my parent’s over the holidays, I found that I wanted to sit on the couch and knit more than I wanted to quilt in the basement on the longarm. Lazy vacation mentality? I made quite a bit of progress on my scarf, though! It’s been at a bit of a standstill lately and I would really like to get going on it again.

I joined my mom’s Monday night church sewing group when I was home. Here’s a picture of some of them basting a baby quilt

After arriving home from my time off, it looked like my sewing room was ransacked!

It was ransacked— by me in my wrapping presents/pack up sewing stuff/pre-Christmas frenzy. I still haven’t taken the time to clean it all up and it’s really holding me back right now. I thought this week it would get whipped into shape, but that wasn’t the case. =(

Charcoal has been using my ironing board more than I have. That stack of quilts next to him is what I need to bind. I’m in a bind over the binding! The Australian Open has been on the last 2 weeks and I got a little bit of it done while watching that, but I still have a ton to do.

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  1. hmmm, looks like mine before I cleaned today. ;-)

    cats don't mind!