Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Star BOM 13

It's the final countdown. Dant-da-dahhh-donnnn. Dant-da-dant-don-donnnnn.

=) Sorry about the 80's big hair flashback!
Ummmm, I'm not really sorry. -big grin!-

Back to business. This is the last Star in my Star Block of the Month that I've been participating in for a while now. There's still quite a bit left to do on it: sashing, setting blocks, borders, etc. But it feels like an accomplishment to get these 13 blocks done. I'm doing a little happy dance. Of course it's being done that fabulous music!

Here is a picture of all of my blocks together. Right now they are laid out according to the pattern, but I think I'm going to make a few adustments to their final position.

Dant-da-dahhh-donnnn. Dant-da-dant-don-donnnnn. Try getting that out of your head now! It's the Final Countdown...

My work here is done!


  1. Your blocks look great. I really like the fabrics you chose. I still have the last 3 to go, but I hope to catch up soon.

  2. I love your colors. They make me happy. Detta(Rosetta)