Sunday, May 26, 2019

Finish! Hashtag Quilt

Sharing finishes is my favorite thing to do! And this finish is no different. This is a quilt I made as a wedding present for my cousin, Riley. He's getting married late this summer. I wanted a pattern that had a bit of a masculine feel, but didn't read "manly!". A friend had made this quilt and I thought it would work out well. The pattern is 'Hashtag' by Whimsicals. I started it at my 'Super Most Awesome Retreat' in March and worked on it diligently the entire time. There are 2 blocks and you make about 10 million strip sets. I used the Stripology ruler and that was a lifesaver!  It really made the cutting and subcutting a breeze.

Here is a closeup of the quilting:

The lighter blue/splotchy fabric was our guild's challenge fabric.  I finished the quilt by the deadline, but wasn't able to make the meeting to enter it in the drawing for prizes.  =(  Total bummer!
The background fabric I bought for this project, but the rest is fabric from my stash--woot!

I quilted it on my mom's new-to-us longarm and used a loopy style pantograph.  The backing is minkee and I lurrrrve how it feels.  I hope that Riley and his bride love it, too!


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  1. Very cool quilt! So graphic and modern. I love it!

  2. Oh my goodness, Kristin!!! What have you done? A gorgeous quilt, newly weds and the minky backing - they will never leave the bedroom :-p