Sunday, July 15, 2018

Finish-A-Long Q3 2018 - My Goals

Q2 of 2018 was about being lofty with my goals.  I didn't complete much, but really-- I did push many things forward.  Q3 is the time to shine!  I will complete things, mark my words!! ;)  This list is mostly the same as last quarter, but I'm updating the projects with new statuses.

1- Finding Nemo
I quilted this on the Fourth of July (with 3 other quilts!!) and need to bind it.  It will be part of Lutherdale's auction in August.

2- St Nick
Another one of the Four on the Fourth that I quilted. Needs binding...Will be part of Lutherdale's auction, too!

3- Stars and Stripes
I threw this top together at the Lutherdale Gala Weekend and will donate it to their auction.  It is quilt 3 of the Four on the Fourth.  Needs binding!

4- Bonus Charity Baby Quilt
The fourth of the Four on the Fourth! This is a bonus baby quilt made from cutoffs from a jelly roll quilt that Anna made a few years ago.  I'll donate to to Project Linus.  Needs binding too!

5- Grey Plus Baby Quilt
Baby Flannery is born and needs a quilt!  I quilted this up in a quick loop-dee-loo a few weeks ago.  Need to bind and gift.  

6- Rainbow Plus Baby Quilt

Also quilted on the same day as the grey plus quilt. Also with loop-dee-loos. Also needs binding and gifting.  I can't wait for a baby party! Both mamas are friends and we are hoping to do a little joint shower/baby party.  Baby Patton is still 'cooking' and I hope to gift this before they are born. =)

7- On Ringo Lake
This monster is quilted and the binding is started.  I did submit it to the Mad City Quilt Guild's challenge in June even though the binding wasn't done.  I would love to have this complete this summer and use it on my guest bed. As you can see from #1-6, I've had few things going on and this got put on hold for a little while.  Sooooo much binding to do!!!

8- Midnight Star
This is languishing as a top.  It is like a fine wine or cheese.  It needs to age.  Maybe I can quilt it and bind it in the next few months?

9- Legendary

Still no progress on this top...I would love to snuggle under it on the couch this winter!! Can't do that unless it is quilted!

10- Charity Rail Fence

More quilting to do!  I joke that I need a sabbatical from work to catch up with my quilting.  It's true!!

11- Bonus Baby Quilt

See a trend? Quilting needs to happen!

12- Featherweight Tote Bag - Purple 

This is basically done.  I need to do some stitching on the corners to offer more structure. And do a little photo shoot/blog post.  Not technically done yet.

13- Featherweight Tote Bag - Orange

Like the purple one, this is nearly done, but I don't have any recent pics. 

Lots and lots to do!  I'm excited!  Wish me luck!

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  1. You're so close on so many of these! You'll have a big batch of finishes all at once. So many fun pieces! :)

  2. Good luck with your third quarter goals. You are so close on so many, this quarter should be a good one for finishes.

  3. So close on many of these! You can do it (she cheers waving pompoms)! On behalf of the FAL crew, thank you for joining in and good luck!