Sunday, June 25, 2017

Legendary Progress and other goings on...

Summer is in full swing and I have a million things happening-- two tennis leagues, a huge (for me) garden, crazy work,etc.  BUT--I've still been finding time to sew.

My guild had a sew day last Wednesday and I took a day off from work and had a delightful time getting to know my fellow members a bit better.  It was a gorgeous day and I 'moved the needle' on a few projects.  In January, I started 'Legendary' by Elizabeth Hartman.  It's been languishing ever since, because I had other projects that took precedence.  Right now, I have all the rows together and only need to sash and border for a finished top.

My Hekla wallhanging was also languishing.  I thought that I was ready to start the triangle borders-- until it was pointed out that I have a boo-boo.  Argh!! I couldn't live with the mistake.  Can you find it?

 So, on the sew day, I did some ripping and re-sewing and all is right with the world.

I thought it would be fun to sew up some burp cloths and bibs for friends.  Here are a few of them (I don't think I have pictures of them all).

Here are some pictures from my garden.  It is producing tons of lettuce right now and some yummy radishes.

And me after a hard day of tilling!

Lastly-- we had a fun rainbow after a short shower yesterday.  I love summer!!


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  1. Hi Kristin,
    I'd say you took advantage of that day off very well and got a lot accomplished! I probably wouldn't have noticed that mistake until you forced me to look for it. My eye sees it the way it's supposed to be, and I'd guess most other people would never notice either. But if it bothers you then you HAVE to fix it! Nice job ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. You can grow a garden and sew??? That is some serious commitment. And by the looks of it, you are knocking both sewing and gardening out of the park. I think you look adorable :-)
    I am a big fan of taking a personal wellness day every now and then to work on whatever makes me happy :-)

  3. I couldn't find the mistake until you showed the closeup of the corrected picture. But, once it's pointed out to me, like you, I change it. I like your garden, nothing tastes as good as veggies straight from the garden.

  4. The "Legendary" top is very cute, but I really love the Hekla quilt! Great colors. And I'm envious of your produce!