Saturday, June 10, 2017

Finish! Twin Baby Girl (2 of 2) aka Deja Vu!

I'm happy to report that twin baby girl quilt #2 is complete-- even with the label! And-- before the babies are born!  Win-win-win!

This quilt is the same as the earlier one, except I'm using a pink scrappy binding.  One of the fabrics in these quilts was from a fat quarter challenge with the Mad City Quilt Guild and we have the opportunity to display our challenge projects at Madison's newest quilt store, Blue Bar Quilts. So the grey bound version is living there for a few weeks until the new babies need it.

In other news, I got a new to me fancy camera!  I am not always pleased with my quilt pictures I get from my phone and point and shoot camera.  I had the opportunity to buy a used Canon Rebel body and then found a used kit lens at our local camera shop.  I barely know how to use it, but still did a bit of fooling around.  Here is Finn posing for me (actually, wondering what in the world I am doing and why am I not preparing his dinner!!!!) and it looks great on my computer monitor.  I want to see the difference when I print photos, because that is where I think my phone is really lacking.


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  1. The quilt is precious. Scrappy bindings are my new favorite way to finish a scrappy or sort of scrappy quilt. I have been wanting a different camera too. My SIL has one and her pics are wonderful.

  2. Love the black and red! Thanks for participating in the FAL!