Sunday, March 5, 2017

XO Progress-- getting there!

I've made great progress on my XO quilt since my last check in! All of the blocks are done and the blocks are sewn into pairs.  Before long, I'll have a top!  My plans for borders (subject to change), are to do a narrow grey followed by a 3" pink.

I snapped this picture as I was working.  I thought it was so cute-- my in progress blocks, my Featherweight, Finn stealing my sewing chair (it's basically his now), Fannie on the ground on her new fleece bed, 2 blocks on the design wall and the Sasquatch lurking to the side. Life is good on Saturdays!


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  1. Love the way that quilt is coming together, and those colors.

  2. Along with all the fur critters, I spy a Lambchops too! Great quilt, love the colours.