Sunday, August 23, 2015

2015 Mad City Quilt Guild Mini Challenge Quilt - Complete!

I finished my little 12 x 12 mini challenge quilt!  Hooray!  I will celebrate any finishes, no matter how big or small!  Miraculously, I have this complete BEFORE the due date (by a solid 24 hours!). This will display in the Mad City Quilt Guild booth at Quilt Expo. In years past, I've stitched the binding down at Quilt Expo, in the booth.  =/  

This year's theme is "My Favorite Color" and we were to make a monochromatic block with white, black or grey as the contrasting colors.  This theme was interesting, because I like many colors!  Green is something I've always been drawn to and have made many quilts with green in them.  But when I organized my fabric this summer, I barely had any yardage of green!  I would also say I like royal blue, but again, I had very little yardage of it.  The pile of 'red' is quite high, but there are several bigger hunks that make the stack taller.  

(not pictured: all of the yellows and greys-- they are in a project tote)

What amazed me was the trend of fabrics that weren't a true blue or a true green.  More of "Blue-Green".  So that is how I decided on what color to use!

I've been wanting to make a 'Sparkler' style quilt for some time and this was a good chance to use that pattern and show off many different fabrics.

The quilting is 'matchstick' style and I did it on Heather's Bernina.  It was super nice to quilt with that machine!!  (but I'm not getting any ideas!)

Finn has really taken to sewing and was happy to help out with the machine portion of the binding.

 The color of these plants sort of matches my theme!



  1. That is so cute! Congratulations on finishing ahead of time. :^)

  2. Lovely project. I can't believe you got all those stars in there on something that measures just 12 by 12! And blue greens have been taking over my stash too!

  3. Beautiful colors and so small; don't know how you did it. You do amazing work.

  4. Visiting from Let's Bee Social. Love your mini and the color you choose.

  5. Thanks for turning me on to your blog -- it's really cute. I am totally going to steal your idea for a cutting table. Where'd you find the table top?

    1. Thanks for visiting, Cat! I got the cube units and the tabletop at Menards. =)