Saturday, March 15, 2014

Knitty News

This past Monday was the March meeting of my knitting guild (Madison Knitters Guild). I had a lovely time, as usual, but tonight was extra special--  I was one of four lucky people to win a door prize!! There are over 500 members in our guild! It is one of the largest in the country. Competition is stiff for the prizes.

A big, BIG thank you to Bleating Heart Haven for gifting me with 3 luscious skeins of MOHAIR!!! wow. 

Also, this is the weekend of Knit-In. My guild organizes a weekend of classes, talks and shopping in Madison. I didn't register for any classes, but I did attend "An Evening with Franklin Habit" last night. It was so much fun! He spoke about Victorian Era handcrafts and there are a lot of absurdities!
Weldon's Practical Needlework was the main focus of discussion and he had a few samples of their patterns, included a 'Child's Harness' and men's swimming trunks. The names they gave to patterns were hysterical: 'Houseboots for Invalids' and 'Cheap Shawl for the Poor'!! I wasn't able to buy a book, because they sold out before I made my way to the book signing. Instead, I had my picture taken with Franklin and his wool swimsuit. Priceless!!

I'll end with some of my recent knitting. A few weeks ago, I finally finished the world's cutest baby tank top.  This is for Baby Audrey who will be 1 in April.  I only cast on last September. =O

There is a baby mini-explosion at work and I'm trying to make sure each one has a hat. Two are done and two more to go.  =)

Did you know Eleanor Roosevelt was a knitter??  Love!

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