Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sew many things!

I was fortunate to be able to spend some time sewing yesterday and last Saturday.  Fortunate?-- I (once again) postponed many chores (haircut, grocery shopping, housecleaning, etc) to quilt.  Who needs a stocked pantry, clean bedroom or trimmed hair?  But my hair is getting out of control!

Last Saturday, I did a bit of garment sewing and made flannel jammie pants.  My limited experience sewing clothes hasn't been enjoyable, but my friend Amy was a fantastic tutor!  They turned out pretty good!  One modification that I'll be making is to add a drawstring to the waistband.  The elastic isn't quite snug enough.

Yesterday, I worked on a lot of things I wanted to have finished for last Thursday's Mad Mod meeting.  I had grand ambitions to enter 4 blocks for the block lotto and didn't have time to get them done.  Now I'm wondering if I should consider this a new project and make enough for an entire quilt?  I kinda like the pattern and color scheme...  So far, I have 3 blocks complete and the fourth is just waiting for 1 more half square triangle.

One of the charity blocks Mad Mod is working on is a wonky log cabin super hero block.  They are about 14" blocks (huge!). Many people had theirs complete for this week's meeting.  Mine will have to wait for next month.

My 2 blocks:

Here are the guild's charity blocks at last Thursday's meeting:

Exciting news--

(well, not that exciting) I have decided on a setting for the leader/ender 4 patches that I've been accumulating for ages.  I've seen this pattern before, but the light bulb clicked when I saw Tanya in Colorado's version.  I'm 99% certain that the backgroud is going to be a royal-ish blue. Very vibrant!  I've been focusing on sewing my 4 patches into 16 patches.  I can't wait to cut some of the blue and see how it will work together!

Here's a picture of my entire design wall.  It's looking a little (ok, A LOT) ADD right now.

To wrap up, I'll share a little stash acquisition I did when I was at Stitcher's Crossing for the Mad Mod Meeting and link up with the Fabulous Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash:


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