Thursday, February 6, 2014

An Evening with Nancy!

In Wisconsin, we are fortunate to have many, many talented quilters.  I think its the long, cold winters?  And this winter is killing me!! There was another winter weather advisory this morning: wind chills as low as -30!  Yuck!

Back to the talented people from Wisonsin part...Nancy Zieman of Sewing with Nancy and Nancy's Notions and Quilt Expo has written an autobiography, "Seams Unlikely".  Tonight, she was speaking at the Lodi Library.  Several of us from the Mad Mod Quilt Guild drove the 30 minutes north to see her.  

Her story was amazing!  She felt the need to tell it after stumbling across common google searches on 'Nancy Zieman stroke', 'Nancy Zieman crooked face', etc.  Clearly people wanted to know more about her.  She shared with us many stories of her childhood in rural Wisconsin and introduction to sewing in 4-H.  She then described the beginnings of her business and where things are today.  It is an incredible journey!  

After the talk, she signed books.  I could have talked for ages!

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  1. Well worth venturing out in the cold for such a great evening! Fun-tastic!!
    Carole, from Fresh off the Frame