Saturday, November 8, 2008



It's been a rough week for Putty. In the spring, he started some medication for an overactive thyroid. The good news is that it's worked very well. Unfortunately one side effect of the medication is that he hasn't felt the need to groom himself very much. He has a lot of fluffy fur and it's been getting matted.

This week, I was attempting to trim some of the mats (they appear out of nowhere!) and accidentally cut him. The vet recommended stitches and because Putty wasn't being cooperative, he needed to be sedated. While sedated, they ended up shaving him! He is better off this way, but he wasn't a happy camper when I picked him up from the vet!



  1. oh my gosh, that is so funny.
    Sorry Putty!~ But I bet secretly he loves it! then again, you are in WISC. maybe he needs a coat!

  2. Oh how cute! I love that top photo.. just chillin...Glad he's better, thanks for sharing the photos!

  3. If I was Putty, I'd get an attorney!

  4. putty.. has the lions cut..poor poor putty.. hopefully his life is getting bettery.. I can see that he is stretching for you though so he is not to outta sorts.. I love the before pic.. what a nice putty-tat..