Wednesday, October 8, 2008

80 Percent!

I've had my needle to the grindstone trying to make progress on the Funky Boxes. The official count is 82% of the blocks are done. According to the pattern, there are 157 blocks total. I'm starting to doubt the accuracy of the pattern, because I think it calls for more of the individual blocks than what I see that are left to do. But trying to count the blocks on the wall is dizzying! Thank goodness I've been keeping a running tally.

Block A measures 2": I have 60 done and need 8 more.
Block B measures 3.5": I have 48 done and need 10 more.
Block C measures 5": I have 14 done and need 4 more.
Block D measures 6.5": I have 6 done and need 3 more.
Block E measures 8": I have 2 done and need NO more!
Block F measures ?": I have 0 done and need 2 more.

Jessica's shower is on October 19th and it would be fantastic if I had the top put together, but right now, I'd be ok with a shoebox full of all the blocks. =)


  1. Amazing! It's spectacular. I love all things Kaffe Fassett and that book and pattern are no exception. You're brave though to actually try it!