Sunday, June 12, 2016

Steamy Saturday Sewing

This weekend was stormy, but only during nighttime hours. Saturday was very hot and muggy and just perfect weather to stay indoors!  I finished the sashing on the strawberry quilt and only have some borders to add before it is ready to be quilted. Woo-hoo!  In other strawberry news, I picked the first strawberry from my garden-- it is super tiny, but oh, so adorable!

I started on a semi-secret zippy pouch.  Actually, I started on a pincushion, but it was turning out too big, so it magically transformed into a zippy pouch! =O  If only I had more free time to sew.  Despite ignoring the housework that needed to be done, I did not have enough time yesterday to finish this. =/



  1. The strawberry quilt is looking great!

    1. Thanks, Janet! Don't tell Janine that I mixed up the rows and don't have them in the order she laid out. =O

  2. Yummy to both your strawberry quilt and your itty bitty strawberry. Your fabric choices in the quilt are spot on. I like how you are making the zippy pouch out of what was planned to be a pincushion. Quilting always rules over housework. :)

  3. Perfect to share a strawberry quilt during strawberry season. Yum I can almost taste them. That's also a very striking zippy pouch.

  4. The zipper pouch looks really cute.