Sunday, November 8, 2015

Stitcher's is closing =(

Sad news about one of my favorite local quilt shops, Stitcher's Crossing.  The owner, Sharon, has decided to close her doors.  It has been in business since before I started quilting (1998) and  I took classes there when I was new to sewing,  They connected me with a person that buys and sells Featherweights and because of their help, I have the fantastic machine I use for all of my piecing.

Yesterday, I stopped by for the first time since they announced their closing.  There was next to nothing left and it felt like a funeral!  But it was very nice to have one last chat with Sharon.  Hopefully I will see her around in other quilty places. I'm going to miss that shop quite a bit. =(

I did purchase a few odds and ends from what was remaining, but don't have a picture-- nothing too exciting.  The remainder of the bolt of the Maize I'm using in my Maize Maze quilt and a few fat quarters.

Speaking of Maize Maze-- It's moving along.  I almost have the center complete.

Last Sunday, I did some online stash enhancement from Thousands of Bolts.  It was a bit slower at work and I was tempted! No plans for these fabrics, they just wanted to come home with me!

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  1. Your Maize Maze is amazing ! I like it very much !!!