Sunday, July 19, 2015

Busy, busy summer- without much sewing!

Summers are usually extra busy and don't leave much time for sewing.  This summer is no exception.  Except it is even busier than most years, because of a big vacation in Europe followed by moving homes!

I spent 2 fantastic weeks in France, England and Scotland.  Here are some of my favorite pics:
Selfie at the Louvre
 Liberty of London!!!!!!!
 The haberdashery section
I came home with 2 meter remnants. =)

Eilean Donnan Castle in Scotland

My travel project: Fingerless Gloves.  This pattern made me use my brain!

 The woolens in Scotland!!  Amazing!! I would have LOVED a bigger suitcase.

 Three Sisters Mountains in Scotland.  Breathtaking!

I got me a Deerstalker!!

And the bagpipers-- they were everywhere and I loved them to bits.

After getting home, I had 6 days to finish packing my home and move across town (with 4 of those 6 days at work!).

My new place is much, much larger than the old one and my new sewing room is going to be fantastic.  I've been there for 2 weeks and this weekend, things started to take shape.  Here are a few pics:

Looking in from the doorway

Standing near the closet

A cutting table I made from cubby organizers + a tabletop

Organizing my stash! 

Hopefully I will get to create soon.  I'm happy to fold fabric and organize things, but I can't wait to start a new quilt! =)


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